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Season One

"Bigfoot exists. The only thing hokie may be what some people expect them to be," Barb Campbell, Trace Unknown.

Quest for Bigfoot: An Unknown Species
Theme Music (Original) by Tim Sharp of Smithers, B.C.
Research Documentary. Home Video Production. 
Not for television or YouTube broadcast.

Season One Part One

Season One Part Two

Season One: The Journey (An icebreaker episode)
Length: (Part One) 1:05:47 and (Part Two) 54:26
Release Date: February 15th, 2017
Cast: Barb Campbell, Doug Campbell, Duke and Belle
Special Appearance: Snoop, Bryan Blom, Brittany Layton, Heidi Schmid, and Brian Vike.
Float Plane: Lakes District Air
Music: Jason Shaw (Audionautix.com) & DL Sounds
Promoting (Not Sponsors): Tesla Lake with Lakes District Air & Nanika Lake Outfitters by HuntTheNorth.com
References: Used and listed in credits.
Filmed: Nadina Forest District, Skeena Region, British Columbia, Canada.

Copyright - Original content remains copyright (c) 2017 Barbara Ann Campbell, Trace Unknown. Content belonging to other sources, used for reference purposes, remain copyright to those sources. (Listed in credits.)

Permissions - This video is not for television or YouTube broadcast. The public is not to be charged any monies, whatsoever, for watching this video. The public is free to use, provided it is for noncommercial use. Information can be taken from and used as reference material, so long as proper credit is given. However, details cannot be altered from its original form.

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NoteI am not a professional filmmaker. I am a field researcher. My goal is to share the research in the field and the journey along the way. Taking you out there with us. It is a research documentary. Not entertainment. Season One is more of an ice breaker episode. Every season from here on in will be more focused on specific projects - anywhere within the Skeena Region. No two films will ever be the same. No set format to be followed for every season. So expect the unexpected from us!

It's not about who finds them first. It's about caring for what exists. To ensure their future. They need to be recognized, and protected. Their habitat is at risk. They have never once been considered in to the equation of wildlife management, or the forests and its use. That is extremely important. There is a safety concern that needs to be addressed. No need for alarm, but it does need addressing. There is a difference between entertainment and reality. Not realizing that could put someone in extreme danger in these parts.

Film Review
February 12, 2017 
by Sue Demeter-St Clair

Viewers Comments 
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I've just finished watching Quest for Bigfoot: An Unknown Species. Season One and I enjoyed it very much. Beautiful scenery and wildlife. The clips and dedication to John Green one of the greats was appreciated. I hope you'll be publishing more in this series. Good luck in your research and I'll be waiting for the next. - Michelle from CT/USA.  
Appreciate your comments! Thank you :)
Barb Campbell 

Notice (2 AM March 15): I decided to pull my video, any other videos and then also shutdown my YouTube account. Every time I turned my back, someone was trying to claim something that was not theirs to claim. Even before the video was released to the public, I found myself disputing a claim. I won, but then tonight I found myself having to dispute a further two claims. One of which was BBC claiming ownership of the Alberta Parks bear rubbing tree segment used for reference purposes and with full credit given. From what I understand, this sort of nonsense goes on all the time. Mostly because of the paid advertising business end of it. I never subscribed to it. However there was advertising on there because of the bear hanging on a rope segment I used for reference purpose. The Alberta outfitter was subscribed to ads so it is only fair. At any rate, BBC wanted a worldwide block on my video. Claiming ownership of something that belongs to Alberta Parks. I have better things to do than to dispute claims every time I turn my back. I have had enough of YouTube. I will take a short break. Figure out what best to do here. I can work on that volume issue then too.

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